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My life currently

2007-07-18 10:19:37 by marius-vanrhijn

Juli eighteenth,vacation is just what i needed,over the past number of years my medical condition has been blown straight to hell. you never no how hard life is untill you get smacked in the face with it. i can't go to school because all promised medical help has been denied from me because of the mistakes and lies put in my file by my doctor,i currently don't have a doctor,because my new doctor became ill,and is likely to die sometime in the near future,it's sad that this happens to good people only.
I never hit the forums on newgrounds,because i've got my hands full on the forums of mortal kombat , transformers,and custom action figures.as the mood icon on this log post describes,i'm fealing beaten,i rest for hours,i sleep from 11 PM to 15 AM,but my neural damage makes it so that i don't recharge at all. my physical capabilities decrease by the day now. all this happens daily to people in the world,the medical business is no longer what it promised to be so many years ago..
My post shocking? i'm 15 years old imagine what would happen to baby's or seniors.
Which brings me to one of the more recent tragedies here in hell-hole holland. my point about the medical world gets proven even further when i read in the newspaper: LITTLE BABY HEART IMPALED in all caps. i read the article,and as it turns out,the infuse wouldn't go "all the way in" so they just started pushing with it violently,resulting into the horrible death stated on the top of the page. a day later,the hospital wouldn't even know what you're talking about.
Let's continue to my circumstances,i have not been able to continue my school,and have had several problems because of this,i haven't been able to go to school,or hold a pen long enough to finish my work,because of the decreased capability of my wrist. i am now stuck as a 15 year old,between several 11 year olds,while i have an IQ of over 140. however i have now recieved the news that i might be able to take an exam to go to university. i will update my log when i recieve more news of this.

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2007-07-18 10:30:16

Shit, sounds bad. may I enquire to what you have wrong with you?

PM me man.

I just got home from the hospital today and i have to stay in the hospital next week for a re-assesment. Fucking hate Crohns desease. >:(

- KoLdBLooD

(Updated ) marius-vanrhijn responds:

an accident in 2003,or possibly one of the several car accidents i had when i was a baby. i was born with a lot more neural connections than most people,so the whiplash it got me was more severe than the "regular" people.


By the way,crohns disease sounds pretty horrible too.


2007-07-18 11:02:56

What do you have? It sounds horrible as hell.

marius-vanrhijn responds:

see message above