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i submit flash and audio,like it or die!

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cool...is this your best one?

Woah? no this is the official one,i don't have any recent pics of my custom ones.

see ingredient statement on carton side panel


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Hmm,you may be on to something there. hold that thought. (for all eternity)

cool link.

did you customize that cliffjumper?

Nope,it´s the way classics cliffjumper came,if i find the toy some day though,i will modify the head,cause a red bumblebee isn´t working for me.

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Great-looking Cliffjumper. I don't customize, but I have about 90 gazillion Transformers. My only suggestion would be to make the seats black to blend with his upper legs. Nice job!

As replied in an earlier comment, this Cliffjumper is actually not customized, i just grabbed the first Transformers pic in sight. Will be giving him better colors and a show-accurate head later though.